Table-Mountain-and-Cape-T-001Strong rays of sunshine drop over Table Mountain in the early morning. To my right, a fleet of boats are docked at the harbour. Sparkling blue waters glitter from the sunlight, calmly going about their ways. The road ahead is filled with cars driven by people who are determined to get to work, do their best and get home just as swiftly.

In this car, my mind races. Creative thoughts have struggled to flow lately. My wave of concern inside only grows higher with each passing moment. Random words float in my head while I try to grasp and anchor them into a meaningful narrative. This temporary inability to do so causes me to question. Many things.

My sub conscience is sometimes my friend, sometimes my foe. What I consciously allow myself to experience can influence it. It’s a slippery surface to tread on. And a mystery I don’t want to figure out just yet. But know, I suspect it’s playing a part in stemming the flow of my inner tranquil… Somehow, somewhere in the background.

Perhaps I am overreacting. Only time will tell.

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12 thoughts on “Anecdotal”

  1. Wow , absolutely stunning piece once again Saajida! you really have a gift with words, Shakespeare would be proud ! the way you personified words such as flow, wave and float was truly profound as well as your use of alliteration at certain parts was awesome! well done

    1. Thank you Kavir :-) That’s very kind. I am so thrilled that my choice of adjectives were picked up on. I was hoping to get the word ‘drown’ in there somewhere but then left it. lol.
      many thanks :)
      PS I am still waiting to read more of your poetry!

  2. =) Incredible… You sound like you’re re-discovering your inner peace. By the way, if that pic above is from your home, omw! What an amazing view of the mountain! masha Allah!! =D

    1. Thanks :) this re-discovery process is a slight bit confusing though. lol
      Aah, I wish. It’s not. It’s an image that I’ve found on a Mail & Guardian article. The view from my home is actually of the other side of the mountain. Still lovely :)

      1. It will be confusing at first, but as time passes, you will find yourself in a renewed state of mind. Its really quite refreshing.. you’ll see. You should infuse this new acceptance of your world with your spiritual side, try making zikr during this time… And then when you feel at peace with yourself, renewed thoughts will enter your mind. Particularly with your problem-solving abilities, with little aspects of your life. In shaa Allah, Allah (SWT)’s divine help will come. Aameen

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