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Roadside Crosses

The blogosphere, a homemade cross resembling a memorial, online gaming and murdered school girls… All in one gripping novel. Jeffery Deaver‘s immaculate writing technique weaves the growing phenomenon of virtual reality and gruesome killings into a narrative that’ll leave your mind (and heart) racing.

Upon finding a small memorial-like cross on the side of a highway, the patrol trooper doesn’t think too much of it… Until he notices the date being that of the next day. Stricken with worry, the story kicks off to reveal an array of intermittent plots and hiccups that lead Special Agent Kathryn Dance rigorously investigating what turns out to be a series of murders.

Posters of the popular blog The Chilton Report victimizes a troubled teenager around the time of the killings. This leads Kathryn Dance suspecting the vengeful 16-year-old online gamer, Travis Brigham as the killer. While Travis’ life surrounds a tangle of family issues, he finds solace in the virtual world of online gaming, becoming a powerful master with limitless control his life offline can never afford him.

Convinced she has the victim covered, Kathryn is lead into a labyrinthine dance, following cues from carefully placed roadside crosses, the online gaming world and blog posts from The Chilton Report in order to save potential victims on time. The level of seriousness the youth hold cyber space activities in, leaves Kathryn in shock as she seeks to appropriately understand the necessary and confusing protocols.

For a book that’s so unlike an ordinary thriller, Roadside Crosses brings about curiosity, horror, sympathy and a sense of amazement at the grand and unexpected ending that outlives the wait.